Through a remarkable interactive exhibition concept, visitors will learn about the outbreak of the First World War, with a focus on the role of the Antwerp fortifications.

This exhibition paints a vivid picture of the German siege of 1914.

A wealth of unique photographs, objects and documents provide gripping insight into daily life for the population, the bitter struggle for Fortified Antwerp and finally, the occupation of this largest port city in Flanders.

The exhibition also has an information point on the many fortifications in Flanders and the various ways they can be visited and experienced.

Visitors will come away with an indelible impression of Antwerp just before the outbreak of World War I, the German invasion, the siege of Antwerp, the surrender and occupation.

The final section of the exhibition  focuses on the forts in their contemporary role as tourist and cultural attractions.  After all, these key sites are all still with us today.  In countless ways they bear silent witness to the dramatic events of the beginning of World War I

Reservation for groups.

Groups and schools can reserve a guided visit to the exhibition, and there is also an option to combine this with the visit to a fort.

reservation for groups 

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28/03 - 25/06

Schoenmarkt, 35
B 2000 Antwerp

Mon., Tues.Wed., Fri. 9 AM - 4:30 PM
Thurs. 9 AM - 6 PM
Sat. 10 AM - 6 PM

Free entrance

Groups and guided tours by reservation